What is Cyber Health?

Cyber Health is a free program that’s been developed to combat cyber security threats to your business, and others like yours across Queensland. We get it, running or working in a small business can be tough. Often business owners don’t have time to understand the complexities of cyber security. That’s why we’re here – to build awareness about the importance of cyber security and offer simple solutions to help secure your business. Robust cyber security underpins Australia’s economic prosperity and will allow businesses, like yours, to grow and innovate.


There’s a cyber crime every 10 minutes. Is your business protected?

Find out your business is tracking with its Cyber Health with our free, easy to use online cyber assessment tool - BrightREDD. We’ll provide you with a tailored overview of the strengths and weaknesses within your business and allow you to determine next steps.

The threats are real

Every year, Australian businesses lose $29 billion due to cyber attacks. Not only can cyber breaches cost your business a significant amount of money, if sensitive customer data is stolen - this can ruin your brand’s reputation and cause devastating long-term effects to your business. However, there are measures you can put in place to protect your business – and we’re here to help.

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Is your business vulnerable to cyber attack? Find out now with our assessment tool - BrightREDD

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Free resources and tools to secure your business

To unlock strong cyber security, knowledge is key. This free program includes:

  • A unique website featuring free resources
  • Cyber Assessment and Audit tools
  • Remote support ready to help enhance your business’ cyber defences
  • Video tutorials to guide businesses on reducing the risk of cyber security attacks
  • A network of face-to-face local trusted advisers
  • A 24/7 cyber security hotline for businesses to receive timely advice from an expert if a cyber attack occurs.
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About the Cyber Health Program

The Cyber Health Program is fully funded by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources to raise the awareness of cyber security risks and deliver trusted cyber security information, resources and advice. The program is being delivered across Queensland in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), REDD and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources. Content and resources are courtesy of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.


CCIQ supports businesses through advocating on their behalf and helping them through day-to-day challenges to improve business conditions in Queensland. Our members have access to support services to help them efficiently and confidently navigate the complexities of doing business from a team who know small business. In the 2020-21 financial year, CCIQ successfully advocated to government on your behalf to deliver COVID-19 business recovery loans, commercial rent relief, payroll tax concessions, waivers and deferrals, $10,000 business adaptation grants and jobs support directly providing more than $1.7B in relief for Queensland businesses.


As your technology agnostic advisor, we provide the expertise of a diverse team who can help enable digital best practice for your business. We are that true side-by-side partner you can rely upon, who ensures that you have the knowledge and drive to achieve your vision. By focusing on your strategic goals we help you to find and establish efficiencies, drive growth and reduce costs. Our team helps you focus on your core business and worry less about technology. Our services will empower your employees, and enable your business to innovate and transform.

Some cyber resources provided in the website have been created with reference to the information provided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. © Commonwealth of Australia 2020.